‘I just wanted to thank you for tonight, it was a brilliant, brilliant class, and I’m just so glad I joined the class. David, I admire you so much for the energy and enthusiasm you put into it, the love you put into everybody, and it’s just such a wonderful healing space. I’m going to keep going as long as the classes are running. Keep dancing!’
Daphne Palmer, Crouch End.
‘Everyone looked so happy!’
Clare Schraeder, Drama Therapist.
‘It was amazing to feel the different levels of energy bouncing off people’
Nina Bahia, Market Researcher.
‘I feel very energetic today and that’s something I’ve not been able to say in a long time’
Dave Stone, Telesales.
‘It took years off my age’
Evie Smith (70+)
‘I feel great! This is even better than shopping and I never thought I would say that!’
Mevljia Dejolly, Oslo.
‘I feel liberated. I absolutely love it!’
Linda Hampson, Harrow.
‘You experience yourself like never before!’
Kim Crolla-Younger, Highgate.
‘It was lovely dancing differently and I felt very energized and light after and up to now and my week has been great!’
Juma Oliver, Barnet.
Always look forward to our dance class, so relaxed and fun. Lovely atmosphere, friendly people.
Doreen, Camden.
Will never forget the passion, aliveness and love you shared.
Aliya, South Wales. 
  On my first visit to David’s class I felt a peace that enveloped me.  I felt refreshed and invigorated with an energy surge that enabled me to enjoy the rest of the class session. Each time I attend I leave with a warm glow and a strong sense of happiness all due to David’s natural gift of love thy neighbour.
Thelma, Crouch End.
I take two buses to come here. I love the people and the linking together, the connection with people. And the music is gorgeous. You could just drift away. 
Jill, Islington.
David’s class allows for freedom of movement and full personal expression, and connection with others.
I leave David’s class refreshed physically and spiritually. Highly recommended.
Rosemary, Islington.
I agreed to accompany a friend to David’s class on condition I wouldn’t have to join in – group activities, in particular any kind of dance, had sent me running to the hills all my life. Now after 6 classes I do it all, I cannot miss it. David’s calming presence and reassuring words together with his mindfulness made it a joy for me to be part of what I’ve come to see as a safe and joyful space where each one of us is encouraged to be ourselves.
Ana, Camden.
I’ve found a little gem in Camden.
Aileen, Camden