What is Vital Development®?
Vital Development® or VitalDanza® is a joyful, relaxing, and very personal form of dance and movement.It promotes mental and physical well-being, healing, fun, personal expression, creativity and a wonderful feeling of being alive and of being deeply connected to oneself and to others.   Participants notice such benefits after just one class.

Vital Development®/VitalDanza® classes are usually between 1 to 2 hours long and offer a caring, relaxed and safe environment which is suitable for every level of fitness and experience.

Vital Development® is not about having to be a ‘dancer’;
Vital Development® is a unique approach of dance based on deep connection
with music and feeling to put us into movement full of life.
For us this is the spirit, the essence, the key of dance.
We do this with music, movement and expression.

Music is the universal language which everyone can feel.

Movement connects us with our body and being.

Expression. The music and movement becomes expression and communication,
to feel fully alive here and now. We dance to feel, we dance to express, we dance to share the best of us with others.

Want to see what a class looks like?, please visit the gallery